Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Argentina

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Although Argentina is a popular destination for meat and steak lovers, there are plenty of options available when it comes to vegetarian restaurants. This suggests that Argentina also offers gourmet vegetarian dishes for its visitors.

Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina is thriving with vegetarian restaurants, which serve as the new culinary identity of this place. To find out more about these places, here is a list of top vegan restaurants in Buenos Aires.

Sheikob’s Bagels

Sheikob’s Bagels offers a variety of vegetarian food including burgers, pizza, and craft beer. Most of these food items like Bagels are American imports. If you are looking for an authentic New York style bite, just head to the Sheikob’s Bagels.

Besides, there is a wide range of vegetarian buns. You can also make some tweaks to suit your taste and preference. The customization options include grilled onions, tomato, lettuce, cream cheese, and pickled beetroot.

Salvaje Bakery

Apart from the stunning rock music, Salvaje Bakery is also famous for its bread. This bakery gives you a range of choices including tabouleh, vegetarian Pizza, and baba ganoush. You can also create your very own DIY brunch. In addition, vegan cakes are delicious enough to refresh your taste buds.


Proper is a paradise for all the vegan foodies. This industrial-style restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere. This restaurant stands at number 44 among the 50 Best Restaurants of Latin America.

Proper serves a mix of vegetarian and meaty menus. Usually, you can ask the chefs to serve delicious vegetarian food in a hand-built oven. In order to grab a seat, you need to visit this restaurant as early as possible.

Buenos Aires Verde

Buenos Aires Verde is a small yet outstanding vegetarian restaurant. It serves organic, healthy, meat-free food to its customers. The restaurant stays open from dawn till dusk. If you want to start your day with homemade vegan granola seasoned with fresh fruit, almond milk, and cookies, this is the place to visit. In the afternoon, you can enjoy super-food bowls full of natural goodness. They also offer vegan cakes, which taste much better than non-vegetarian options.


If you are looking for the best Armenian food in Buenos Aires, Sarkis is the most recommended place. Being an old-school restaurant, the layout of this restaurant gives a pleasant welcome to the guests.

The prices are fairly low, making this place one of the most affordable restaurants in Buenos Aires. This is the reason; tourists and locals love this place alike. You can even see long queues at weekends.

The falafel is the most delicious, which is usually served with gently spiced salad and warm flatbread. Some other vegetarian dishes include veggie moussaka with mozzarella cheese, homemade hummus, and fried aubergine with garlic and parsley.

Gran Dabbang

Gran Dabbang is a popular vegan restaurant, where vibrant flavors and relaxed dining atmosphere is awaiting vegetarian food lovers. People visit this place in huge numbers, which testifies the taste and quality of this restaurant.

Yellow corn, butter rolls with quince chutney and Crispy swiss chard pakoras are some of the most recommended cuisines served in this restaurant.